The Las Vegas Prime Document 2014 FAll CSN Class

L.V Prime Doc Class

Here you will find my images from the different locations we go to shoot documenting Las Vegas. We are shooting with the same camera and same Prime lens throughout the semester. I am using a Canon 7D with a 100 mm Lens for this class. I really like the 100 mm as it is a macro lens but can also be used as a portrait lens too. A minimum of 10 images are required for each class assignment.

The first 6 assignments are to be in black and white, but can be toned various monochromatic colors. They can be a single image or they can composite images - it is the photographers choice on how the image is manipulated. I use Photoshop, Nik software, Corel Painter and Lightroom to manipulate my images. 

Final Project

I seem fascinated by mannequins wherever I go. I always seem to find them. There are many styles and quality shapes colors and sizes out there. Here are some of my favorites. I used Loghtroom and Nik software to manipulate the images Primarily Analog Pro 2 with vignettes, lightbox, frames, light leak, bokah and other styles which added to the look of the images.

Cheryl Hendrick,  Las Vegas Prime Document 2014,  Artist Project Statement,

 I shot mannequins for my final project. I seem to be attracted to them and always search for more styles and looks. The are ones with no heads, or hands, ones with points for heads and limbs, child size ones (these are rare), adults, females are more prominent than males, (I guess because women shop for more clothes than men….), Most don’t have hair on their heads, they use wigs. Many have no faces. The most expensive ones are lifelike and I can only find them at Expensive malls in casinos, such as the Palazzo or similar places. The expensive ones have painted eyes, where amazing wigs and clothing, accessories, jewelry etc.  I don’t like the burlap bag head ones or pointed ones. They are too weird for me. I have found transparent plastic ones, partial ones that consist of just torsos or legs. I have found there is no article of clothing that is not on a mannequin from lingerie to puffy down parkas, fur hats, high heel shoes.  There ore ones that stand and ones that sit or recline, ones with movable limbs ones that have paddles for hands and feet. Most are the perfect body shape, especially the expensive ones. I think I may have a mannequin addiction, time will tell… I hear there is a mannequin warehouse in town I now must go find… As long as I don’t try to buy one I think I may be ok…. Maybe…
















Week 15 Fremont revisited

Week 14 Thanksgiving

Week 13 Peppermill are and Palazzo 

Week 12 Las Vegas Arts District

Week 11 L as Vegas South Strip
Here are some images from the New York New York Casino and surrounding area

Week 10 Boulder City

spooky power lines

part of the Coffee cup cafe sign

wooden plank from an old platform trailer now reused as a stage at a bar.

mining equipment

Wild Bighorn Sheep at Hemenway Park in Boulder City

American flag - They are very patriotic in Boulder City!

Loving statue

Babe the pig statue

Wheel on old fire extinguisher.

Happy dog with his ball statue

the bowling alley

Chairs outside the bowling alley

A/C cover

power lines

Week 9 Fremont Street South side, Yea! We can finally use color images!

 Stained glass from Main street station

Solar panels outside City hall

  The city halls cool window architecture

Old Glory.

 Architecture at the courthouse on the jail side of the building

Stairs from the Federal building

 Las Vegas Grammar school

People on Fremont Street

 A collage from a a statue from Neonopolis

 A typical sight on Fremont Street

Week 8 Las Vegas Boulevard - White Cross Drugstore area

This is down the street from White Cross drugstore. They are slowly restoring the area.

Here's a darling little sparrow!

I am fascinated with power poles and alley ways...

These are the normal transformers you see around town

I wouldn't want his big of transformer on my property...

I thought the chairs were a nice touch to the feel of the image

I don't remember where I found this pattern but it's really vivid!

I thought this pampus grass was kinda pretty with the sun shining thru it

I liked this graffiti wall but couldn't find the artist's name to credit...

I liked this coffee shop, but it looked closed down...

This is out on the street next to a Betty Boop statue.

These are from the Fashion Show Mall area

I think the eyelashes stuck on in non eye areas is kinda funny, plus they have cool shadows with the lights.

Another example..

I like the second mannequin in the background with the blurred focus adding depth to the picture.

The mandatory flower image for the flower lovers

I love the repetition of the lights!

Couldn't resist this small neon sign miniature from Fremont street which was a prop in the a window in the mall. This one doesn't say "Howdy Partner though... too bad..

Week 7 Planet Hollywood, Caesar's Palace and Bellagio area

The force is out there with Yoda

Heather and I wanted to buy these cool hats, but they are props and don't sell them... What kind of clothing store is this?

This big guy is in the Forum shops aquarium. I think he looks as strange as he thinks we do...

These cute little birdies were bathing in the water by the street curb, but stopped and hopped to dry land upon my approach

Odd looking mannequins at the HM store in the Forum Shops

Carol and I wandered atound  the Water Street district searching for cool things to shoot, We found many interseting sights to photograph.

Here is a black and white collage of Aria.

A reflection From Planet Hollywood's unique exterior.

A contemplative manikin...

A witch at the candy store.

Eyes Collage edited in Photoshop.

Godzilla or Gojira (Japanese pronunciation) edited in Nik and Photoshop.

Color treatment editing in NIK and 3d Extruded and textures in Photoshop!

A simple-er Eyes collage in Black and white.

Hotel room and sky edited in Nik.

Conquest of the Dollar edited in Photoshop.

Interesting SLS architecture edited in Nik

The first Assignment is Week Three - Fremont Street

Lights Globes at Denny's

Palm shadows on Sidewalk

Electrical transformers in a back alley off Fremont Street

Golden Nugget Exterior Wall

Corvette wheel with logo

Corvette Logo with Glitter Gulch Girl Logo

Close-up Detail of Silver Iron Statue

Welcome to Downtown Sign with Glitter Gulch Logo

Pizza Rock Delivery Bike


Extra Images

Showgirl sign Composite 1 and 2

Sculptural details composite

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