Las Vegas Documentary Class Spring 2015

Welcome to my page for CSN Las Vegas Documentary Class 2015. 
Here you will find images of Vegas taken with various cameras and lenses.

Las Vegas Document Spring 2015 Final Portfolio

Artist Statement
Cheryl Hendrick
LV Document Spring 2015

My final portfolio continues with a theme I have occasionally used in my images this semester. I take the image and create multiple images of different enlargements of the same image and add a border. I use Nik Software and Photoshop. To create my image manipulations, I open the image and put it into the Nik software, Analog Efex Pro 2 and choose the multi-lens feature. Nik then duplicates the images 3 or 4 times depending on the layout and then enlarges or shrinks the images as a starting off point. Then it puts them under a clipping mask so only a part of the image shows. I move and resize the image to my satisfaction, color the border that divides the images either black or white, add a texture layer and a vignette, choose the film style, color and amount of grain, adjust the contrast, brightness, and detail enhancement and when satisfied with the results, I confirm the resulting image in Nik, then I save the image in Photoshop. I like this effect because it makes me as an artist consider the image in different ways and is fun for the viewer to construct or deconstruct the image to figure out what is I am showing the them. It is kind of like a jigsaw puzzle with parts missing or distorted and the viewer must decipher what is being shown. I think this technique does not work with all images and often I end up not using the image I started with as it doesn’t turn out in a favorable way. I do like this effect and I hope it is interesting and fun for the viewer to contemplate my images.

LV Document Spring 2015 Week 15 Fremont Street Experience

LV Document Spring 2015 Week 14 Planet Hollywood and Miracle Mile Shops

LV Document Spring 2015 week 13 Arts District South

LV Doc Class Spring 2015 Week 12 South Strip New York New York

Week 11 Las Vegas Document Class Spring 2015 - Riviera Hotel and Venetian Hotel

Week 10 Las Vegas Document Class Spring 2015- Arts District - Polaroid store shoot!

Week 9 - Las Vegas Document Spring 2015 - Las Vegas Blvd

Week 8 City Center, Cosmopolitan and Aria Resort Casinos
I love to shoot this area. The shops are always different and the City Center architecture
is creative and inspires my photography.

Week 7 The Linq

We walked the Quad at the Linq and Harrah's Casino.
We stopped by the White castle for 1 burger. Then those who wanted to took the Linq ride.
 Afterwards, we ate at the Tilted Kilt restaurant, where the servers were
happy to have their photos taken!

Week 6 Stratosphere Tower


this poor lady just screamed and screamed on this ride atop the stratosphere.
 But I thought the man was funnier as you'll see next.


Week 5 Planet Hollywood, Caesar's Palace and the Bellagio

Week 4 Fremont Street South

This is an overlay image with the mode changed to difference, multiple colored smoke effect brushes in soft light mode, over base image of building

These are solar energy panels outside Las Vegas City Hall, then the building in soft light mode, then a window display from the building in difference mode with the opacity level changed and then a selective color layer was created to adjust the colors.

This image was manipulated using Nik Analog Efex 2 Software thru it's Photoshop plug in. 
I added grain, manipulated the coloring, aged the photo and darkened it.

This image was manipulated using Nik Analog Efex 2 Software through it's Photoshop plug in. 
I specifically used the multi-lens technique and adjusted the film, the grain the textures, 
the sizes of the image and other adjustment techniques in this program.

This image was manipulated using Nik Silver Efex Pro Software thru it's Photoshop plug in.
I aged the image adjusted the grain added a border with darkened corners and 
adjusted the brightness and contrast.

This image was manipulated using Nik Analog Efex 2 Software thru it's Photoshop plug in. 
I used a recipe I created that changed the coloring, film grain and blurred the edges.

This image was totally manipulated in Photoshop, by duplicating the image and changing 
the mode to difference adding a second image of red and white tiles in overlay
 made with an opacity change and then I added a selective color layer.

This image was manipulated using Nik Analog Efex 2 Software thru it's Photoshop plug-in.
 I aged the image adjusted the film grain added 2 control points to adjst the brightness in certain dark areas and adjusted the film plate, the film color and adjusted original color sensitivity in the tonal color layer.

Week 3 Fremont Street East

City Center Apartments Collage

Dining Tables at Container Park

Building off of Carson Street

Container Park

Las Vegas High School Door

M.I. Apartment door

Peeking into the barber shop on Carson street

Week 2  - Fremont Street Experience

Reflections of power lines with effects from Nik software

Collage of power lines and found signage.

Collage of wall mural and Golden Nugget wall exterior.

Reflections with Nik software.

Something they didn't implode! Overlay of sign on photo of apartments.

Wall mural with smokey paintbrush, C.U. of another wall mural and 
photoshop zoom technique along with various modes on the different layers.

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